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The proliferation of tens of thousands of communities, meetup groups, networking groups and every form of online community under the sun has me thinking of medieval Europe: thousands of dukes, counts, barons, lords, princes and earls all with their own cultures, colours and principles – all competing for land.

Soon, if not already these online communities will begin competing, not for cyberspace, but for members. These battles will increase and with it the need for negotiating alliances, treaties and building mega communities. Communities will spawn a new professional: the community ambassador.  These professional diplomats will join other groups and forge alliances with the founders and administrators of another group. They will make offers for alliances and treaties to share members, host joint events and conferences and find more groups to join with.

Is this already happening?

Does that mean we will see a United Nations or United States of groups online? Will we draft online Constitutions?  How about laws and regulations?  Lawyers don’t laugh! This could be the x factor Susskind missed. The beginning of a whole new profession.

Will the world never be rid of us? :-)

Not unless they can live without legislation, rules and regulations. When that happens, we can do what the former Roman lawyers did in medieval times: join the church and become professional clergy.


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