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I just came from dinner party at a beach house. The entire dinner party was then moved to a bonfire on the beach for dessert – brownies, cookies and marshmallows roasted over the fire.  We sat around the fire telling outrageous April Fool’s stories and observing the star filled sky.  As I was driving home, I realized it was Thursday – still a week night – and tomorrow was another day of work. 🙂

About networks: 2 years ago, I read an interesting book titled, “Competing In A Flat World: Building Enterprises for a Borderless World” by Victor Fung, William Fung and Yoram Wind. At the time, I was helping my mother’s fashion business produce a 28 minute infomercial for sale in Europe.

The Fung’s book is based upon the Fung’s experience as “network orchestrators” in the garment and consumer goods industry.  The Fungs conclude that global competition is no longer about “firm versus firm” but “network versus network”.  They encourage firms to join these networks or practically be squashed by highly orchestrated networks with vast resources.  What I like the most about the Fungs is that they are not theorizing academically – they’re doing it.  They also see that the present challenges, and those ahead, for a truly flat world as coming  from politics and nation states’ bureaucracies slowing down the speed and efficiency of these orchestrated networks.

It’s late and I’ll leave you with this quote from their book:

“A company’s strength lies not as much in the competencies that it possesses as much as in the competencies it can connect to. This means that the capability to connect to competencies – the capability for network orchestration – and the capability for learning might be becoming as important as any firm capabilities”


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