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Let’s face it AVVO built it. But they didn’t exactly wait for you lawyers to come, did they?

They took your name, your public information, and cleverly announce their proprietary ability “to evaluate a lawyer’s background using a mathematical model that considers the information (they) know about a lawyer.”  Secrets are always a rapport breaker!! 🙂

This was downright clever, even if feels a little sleazy and taken by force.  It reminds me of those teenage movies Hollywood churns out, and, yes, I watch. The cool guys have the club and if you don’t play with them, you’ll be a loser. Clever! Stunningly clever, or is it?

Take a look at these less than raving reviews: “AVVO lost its credibility” http://bit.ly/bG1HW2 plus other critics of AVVO.  Nothing like “poisoning” your guests with the secret sauce.

From one perspective, Avvo played a rather heavy, paternalistic hand. After all how many lawyers would really have volunteered to play in AVVO.  Sure a few, but not enough to raise VC money with. Give credit where credit is due. And they gambled well, because the economy caused many USA lawyers to run into AVVO out of desperation.  Where else could you get a high ranking by having your friends, family and neighbors send in reviews of what a jolly good person you really are.

But can you build a long term strategy when one side is forced to play – albeit cleverly!  Does this build trust?

But what am I asking? Avvo was not built for our sake as lawyers, but the sake of the public….of which I think I still am.  It was built to help them navigate “the complex and confusing legal industry”.  BTW we’re not an industry. We don’t build anything – unless you count towers of paper files.  I agree with the ends, it’s the means.  Does it really serve the public? I guess it’s better than nothing, but force is force and it doesn’t lead to success in the long-term.  I would not trust those ratings when choosing my lawyer, why should the public?

Imagine if Linkedin dragged your name onto its site like chattel on a stage to be bid on by the public based upon a “secret sauce” rating system? Would you play? Yes. I’m sure you might, but for how long? 😉


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Hootsuite, Ping.fm, bit.ly, tweetdeck, twitter, ning, linkedin, Facebook…..are you keeping up ?

I remember when taking all my vitamins was the most important thing to do every morning. It’s been only weeks since I made a commitment to blog everyday and start using all the social media platforms. Now I wake up to a torrent of tweets: 61 tweets, then 39 tweets, then 43 tweets…..in 1hour! The on to the blogs, blogs, blogs ad infinitum, to read, to make comments on, and then replies to 200+ emails!

It’s exhilarating to read about and meet hundreds of amazingly talented people. Although I can’t deny that some are just utterly crazy.

I can truly sympathize with anyone reading this and wondering if it’s all worth the time and effort? Many of us prefer to what is more commonly known as “lurking” in the background.  Sounds awful, doesn’t it?  But in the world of social media, we’re valued and evaluated by how much we’re contributing and participating in conversations. The most interesting aspect is that you don’t even need to make remarkably original contributions.  Many simply recycle everyone else’s content.

Some of the most industrious “recyclers” are busy “retweeting” up a storm on twitter.  They’re more like a AP mini-wire service of streaming content.  Up to 20 tweets in an hour of links to articles, blogs, videos….and highly subjective personal opinions.

These career “retweeters” are an enormous help in orienting myself during the morning on what’s going on, who’s saying what, where and when the next event or webinar is taking place. All of which was at one time the realm of traditional media. That reminds me of Ken Thompson’s Bioteams’ ants exchanging tiny bits of information at rapid speed for the good of the colony.  Oh, and as I wrote that, a tiny ant appeared on my monitor screen.  I wonder what it is thinking as it scurries along this screen about a million times bigger than itself.  Maybe it thinks the cursor is a predator.  Maybe it thinks it’s in an ant version of Cowboy stadium.

I feel as tiny as that ant every time I’m in the world of social media.  But like that tiny ant, I also have a billion fellow ants in the colony, all cooperating and collaborating freely – and some lurking!

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