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As I read all the intro stories of members joining OBA, I’m simply in awe of the talent, wisdom and authenticity expressed.  Two words from one member’s intro (Jean Pierre Ruiz’s) still keep running in my mind:

“I dream….”

Do you dare to dream? Whatever your dream is, what are you doing about it?

Coincidentally, today, I read Harrison Barnes latest article, “Your beliefs about yourself are controlling your destiny”.  Barnes writes  in site General Counsel Consulting:

““You are the creator of whatever happens to you…Everything that is happening to you is being generated inside of yourself–even if you cannot see this.  The key to a successful career and life is to stop resisting what is happening to you and start choosing what to believe about the world to create the life you want.”

Understanding this statement and working with this statement is something the most successful people in the world are able to do and the least successful people in the world are not.

Barnes continues further down:

When I was younger I used to stop and chat with the homeless people on the street at length.… .  Nevertheless, a good portion of these people have nothing wrong with them biochemically.  Many also do not have any serious substance abuse problems.  Instead, their issue appears to be how they think about themselves.  Their beliefs about themselves are controlling their destinies.

This has always been the issue with them.  They feel worthless, they believe they are incapable of good, they believe they are incapable of being loved, they have beliefs about money that disempower them.  When you pass these unfortunate people standing on the side of the road, know that most of the problems they have are caused by deeply held beliefs that they have used to consistently disempower themselves.

This is the same reason you are not reaching your full potential.  Your beliefs about yourself are controlling what is happening to you.” Harrison Barnes

I did not always live a peaceful and joyful life in paradise.  I spent about 16 restless years searching and researching. I explored in depth religion, spirituality, martial arts, business and psychology.  It was a long journey all to conclude that, without exception, the statement, “Your beliefs about yourself are controlling what is happening to you” is an irrefutable universal principle.

I dream….and this is my dream.

What do you dream?


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