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We’re all part of that urgent storm of change and innovation.

As for my part, I am an innovator; it’s what I do. I can’t help it; I do it automatically. But even I admit that innovation is not always good, nor is its timing. Innovation is mostly disruptive and painful to the people who lose their jobs and careers when innovation happens. Their trades or professions become commoditized, outsourced or obsolete.

Then there’s the politics of innovation. With the rallying cry for innovation sounded, there will be unnecessary destruction and disruption without reason. Order will become chaos without a strategy. Entrenched bureaucracies will see this as justification to act as usual and kill the innovators, bury them in unmarked career graves and close ranks. Both sides will polarize. The volatility of politics will predominate and neither side concedes until it is too late.

Like putting a very old and sick dog out of its pain, some businesses (corporations) don’t need innovation. They need to be put down or sold off in parts like harvested donor organs that can bring life to another in need.

I can’t help but ask if most innovations simply create more problems that need more “innovations” to solve.  Should we then stand still, if only for a moment and listen for some form of ecological inspiration instead of the sound of our own strenuous breathing?  I don’t know, I leave that to us to decide together.  You already know what I do: I am an innovator; it’s what I do…..


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